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Workshop: Build a Digital Marketing Plan by Maharat min Google



This workshop is an introduction to the main digital marketing channels and how to use them to build a strategy. You’ll learn how to develop, implement and track a digital marketing strategy. This workshop is for everyone who wants to learn more about digital marketing and starting a new business.

Who can register: Students between 13-18 years old

What to bring: All participants are required to bring their laptop for hands-on training



Ahmed Bauomy, Maharat Min Google program manager with 12 years experience in digital marketing.

About Maharat Min Google

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), only 38 percent of youth believe their education gives them the skills they need to enter the workforce. By 2020, one in five jobs in the Arab world will require digital skills that aren’t widely available today. Many women are contributing to the innovation coming out of the Arab world, yet this region has among the lowest female economic involvement globally. To address the growing skills gap in the region’s workforce, and to help ensure that opportunities created by technology are available to everyone, we’ve launched Maharat min Google. It’s an initiative to help Arabic speakers, specifically women and young people, get ready for future job opportunities, advance their careers, or grow their businesses. Maharat min Google provides free Arabic language courses, tools and in-person digital skills training to students, educators, job seekers and businesses. The free online platform includes over 100 lessons and explanatory videos covering a range of digital marketing skills including search engine marketing, social media, video, e-commerce and more.

Within 2 years, we’ve trained more than 1M people of all ages and backgrounds across MENA - 50% of them women to gain digital skills through Maharat min Google.


Registration is closed.