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Challenge Webinar | DIFC Courts x DFA



In this webinar, we will be joined by challenge owners from DIFC Courts to dive into their challenges, take questions from attendees and answer them live.


Self Representation

The DIFC Courts allow individuals to file claims and represent themselves in court proceedings, should they wish to do so and should they be unable to afford legal representation.

Some individuals who choose to represent themselves face difficulty in filing claims due to their unfamiliarity with court systems and terminology. They may file claims against an incorrect party or fail to provide crucial evidence or submissions, resulting in financial losses or an unfavorable judgment for the individual. The Courts face a vast number of refund requests due to erroneous filings.

The Courts seek a solution to provide guidance to file claims and navigate through court proceedings to improve claimant experience and increase regional and worldwide access to justice. The solution will be piloted first within the Small Claims Tribunal (SCT) and can be scaled up to other courts in the future.

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Virtual Identification

At the DIFC Courts, an increasing number of court proceedings are held virtually through videoconferencing or teleconferencing, allowing certain services to be accessed by individuals virtually anywhere in the world.

The "wills" group of services allows individuals to remotely register, amend or witness a will. At present, the process is limited in terms of how the identity of individuals is verified remotely. This is further influenced by poor internet connections and the current method of communications during such proceedings.

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