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Webinar: Future of Space: Space Policy & Emerging Technologies

												FUTURE OF SPACE2-05


Organized by Dubai Future Research and the UAE Space Agency, the Future of Space: Space Settlement & Emerging Technologies webinar will tackle new emerging technologies that could enable longer term space settlement, the UAE’s strategic vision for space research and exploration and highlight the findings of the MBR Space Settlement Challenge.


  • Talal Al Kaissi,
    Advisor to the Director General, UAE Space Agency
  • Naser Al Rashedi,
    Director of Space Policy and Regulations
  • Jorge Del Rio Vera,
    Scientific Affairs Officer (Space Technology),
    United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
  • Elodie Guillerm,
    Director, Aerospace and Defence Startup Accelerator, Hub 71, Gothams


  • Aruba Khalid
    Senior Research Analyst, Dubai Future Foundation

Visit our YouTube channel to watch the full session:


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